Kitchen and Bath Trends 2018

If you like to stay on top of trends when you are deciding about your next remodel then here are some of the top trends for 2018 according to KBIS.  KBIS is the largest kitchen and bath show in the country  where leading experts come together to share what’s hot and new in the industry.

  1. Quartz reigns supreme over Granite

Don't shoot the messenger!  I know everyone loves Granite....every builder and just about every new house granite has become the standard for counter tops.  It is number 1 on the market right now, is durable, and you have a lot more finish options than with granite.

2. Rose Gold and Brass

Again....I am just bringing you the news.  You may not be a fan of brass knobs and pulls but they are making a statement.

Don't worry chrome and satin are still great for the classic option but if you want to make a statement go for some polished brass!

3) Two-toned cabinets ( doing a different shade on top than on bottom) or Bleached wood look.

Now this I can get behind....some people don't like the look of an all white Kitchen.  I know it is classic and if you are going for that farmhouse look it is the standard.  But if you are wanting to be on trend for 2018 then try some of these options.  Try doing white on upper cabinets and do a darker color on the lower base cabinets.

Or Try the bleached wood look: if you love gray...this is an option!

4) Stone Sinks

Beautiful hand carved stone sinks for bathrooms

5) It Is OK to be BLUE

Color is a big trend for 2018 but the big winner was Navy or any shade of Blue on appliances or cabinets

6) Color

Even if Blue was the biggest color every color under the rainbow was seen!  From sinks, faucets, to appliances if you love are going to like this trend.

7) Texture is in!

Ok...I love white subway tile it is clean and fresh and it is classic!  This year they take that classic white to a new level with pattern, textures, and color.

So you don't have to go adding all of these trends at once...but If you are planning a Kitchen or Bath Remodel pick some of you favorites and incorporate them!


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